How to effectively deaden engine and other noise under the floorboards, and make life much more bearable.
The story of how the square-sail was built and fitted to the foremast.
Details of the running rigging on a brigantine schooner.
New stern-boards were made to enhance the transom.
Trailboards on each side enhanse the traditional clipper bow.
New water gauges were custom made to show the exact capacity of water in each side tank.
A compendium of different nautical terms between two English speaking people.
A journey on Florida's intracoastal waterway.
New brighter navigation lights are fitted.
A larger table was built to seat up to five people.
This is about building a large fully functional radio controlled model sailboat.
This is a story about the history of rope, from the very first fibers to the latest synthetic Dyneema lines.
A story about preparing for the arival of hurricane Dorian in Florida.
A new product from the UK to plug faulty sea-cocks and repair them without lifting the boat.
Rebuilding a Kiss wind generator and installing it on a pole on the stern.
A live-aboard story of how the author and family lived on their first boat for seven years in the Mediterranean.
All control lines lead to the cockpit and stowed both sides of the companionway for easy handling.
This is an overview of many of the alterations made to the boat and published in many boating magazines internationally
A new anchoring method, employing two anchors
A portable deck/anchor wash system which is more flexible and useful than a fixed anchor wash.
The remodelled aft bathroom has a full size bathtub with ten massage jets powered by a powerul pump
Birds are a big problem in some marinas. These devices might prevent the mess they cause.
The forward double berth was made larger.
The port side cabin was remodelled into a very good sea berth in the center of the boat.
The ketch rig was changed to a brigantine schooner with all sails roller furling.
Teak veneering is easy when you know how. A new floorboard was made with teak veneer and maple inlays.
Solid teak doors were built with picture windows of lighthouses.
The boat has new, modern, plumbing pipes .
A new (much easier) method to make an eye splice in double braided line
How to make a freestanding awning over your cockpit, clear of the boom.
A silly little aft cabin, turned into a beautiful stateroom.
Two electric toilets with waste disposal units replaced the manual heads and the holding tank..
The forward bathroom now has a shower and electric head.
A shakedown cruise, which turned out to be a breakdown cruise.
The original chart table was removed and a new "office" installed.
If your anchor chain doesn't self stow, re-route it to a larger locker.
New air valves were fitted to an old dinghy.
The dinghy cover has zips to make it easier to fit the cover and also store things.
This modification of a truck winch makes hoisting the dinghy easy.
Engine fans will keep your machinery cool and running better.
The original ice-box was converted into a very efficient deep freezer.
The maple and teak floors were restored throughout the whole boat.
The old galley was stripped and new stainless steel appliances installed, including a washer/drier.
The old vinyl headlining was stripped out and new PVC boards installed throughout.
Over the top blocks carry lines over deckheads and into the cockpit.
Items for sale, surplus from alterations made to Britannia.
How to install marine air conditioning.


Restoring an old RIB dinghy.
Captain Roger, a children's boating story.
The 6.5 Kw diesel generator will power the whole ship, including two AC's
Continuous SpliceN
Dyneema spliceN
A new anchoring method, employing two anchors
The half bath was removed and a full size bathtub, with ten jets was installed.


Engine finished N
Starter nav
Gulf_Stream N
Torn screen N
Mustering for the start N
Damaged boatsN
Reviews of different boating products for magazines