Viadana is an Italian manufacturer of a wide range of high quality sailboat equipment, mainly running rigging tackle and associated deck hardware, like line organizers, tracks and travelers. The brand is well known in Europe and now available in the US through Viadana USA, who have a number of dealers throughout The States. (

An extremely well made double block by Viadana.I tried a very nicely made 3”inch ball bearing double block through which I ran my jib and staysail sheets to the winches. I fitted the block to Britannia’s toe rail with one of their snap shackles just to see how that performed. They worked perfectly and I have no reason to believe they will not continue to do so.

However, not having any long term experience I contacted Johannsen Boat Works in Florida who use Viadana on their Trinka sailing dinghies. The president, Mr. Mark Johannsen said they were extremely pleased with the quality of Viadana products.

Viadana would also seem to have a significant price advantage over their more established competitors in the US. But since many different prices and discount schemes are offered by different suppliers buyers should compare prices with those on the Viadana web site.

I wish they had been around when I refitted my boat, I would have saved a lot of money.


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The Viadana crew on their booth at St Petersburg boat show 2019.