As I restore and remodel Britannia, items become surplus. which might be useful to others. This list will be kept up to date and you can contact me at 407 705 9191. or e-mail me here 
All prices subject to best offer and freight at buyers cost. The items are located in Orlando and Cape Canaveral, Florida. 


Three bronze rigging tangs, 4” long x 5/8” right hand thread, 5/8” clevis,

$20.00 each


TV dish or Ariel bracket. Polished stainless steel.


Bottom end of a Harken, Mk3 furler. 3/4” left hand thread and toggle.


Stainless steel furler link plates with 1/2” and 5/8” holes
The two with three 5/8” holes are made of 3/16” thick stainless. They are 5” long and 1 9/16” wide. They have a 5/8” offset (kink) which isn’t easy to see on the photo.
The plates with four holes are 5/32” thick, 7” long x 1 9/16” wide. These also have an offset of about 1”.
They are all clean stainless, with no rust marks.



A side drain to deflect water from on deck to outside.

6 drain pipes, Bronze fittings 1 1/2” pipes. Ideal for cockpit, deck or hull side drainage.

$10 each

A change-over pipe used in heads.

Sea-lect three way diverter valve, 1 1/2” pipes. Never used, still in original box with instructions. $65 in West Marine.


Teak doors in good condition.

A pair of doors measure 28” wide x 14” high overall, solid teak with wicker infills. $50.00
Doors do not have latching mechanisms, either spring latch or simple push pin will fit. Frames have holes where the screws came out suitable for 3/8” plugs.


A substantial mast mounted windvane bracket what carried a KISS wind generator, but which could be used for any wind genny.               $100

Freight and packaging might be expensive - ask for quote.