You can reach Roger here. rogerhughes@gmail.comThe square-sail pushes Britannia along in a steady breezeWelcome to the brigantine schooner “BRITANNIA.” I'm Roger Hughes, an Englishman living near Orlando, Florida USA. I am a freelance writer for boating magazines and most of the fifty of so articles here have been published in leading magazines, in the US, UK, and Australia.

BRITANNIA is a proper ocean cruising yacht, nearly fifty feet long and fourteen-foot beam, displacing some twenty-three tons.

She is a brigantine rig, with a large square sail on the foremast, which rolls in and out of its hollow yard. All the other sails are also roller furled, which makes for a very easy boat the handle.

To me it is the ideal cruising rig, capable of hauling tolerably close to the wind with five fore and aft sails, (although not as high as with an 85hp engine), having fast reaching capabilities and unbelievable downwind stability using the square sail. Also, like a ketch, the sails are divided into smaller, manageable sizes.

I hope you enjoy the articles on this site, You never know, you might see something you could do on your boat.

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Most of the articles and projects on the site have been published in these magazines