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The following are other boating articles by Roger, not about alterations to Britannia. Click on the link.

UK v US. A tongue in cheek enlightenment of some differences between American and British nautical terms

Bird deterrents.  Are you fed up with birds messing on your boat? Some of these products might help.

Hurrican Mathew.  A first hand account of how we prepared Britannia to meet the onslaught of Hurrican Mathew, a cat 4 storm over Florida.

Intercoastal. A lighthearted account of a shakedown trip in Britannia.

The Old Gaffer. Did you ever fancy having a radio controlled sailboat which you could sail on the local pond, just like the real thing.

Termites by gone! How to get rid of a termite infestation on your boat

Sea stopper.  A review of a new product to service sea-cocks, without lifting the boat.

Dinghy valves.  Recondition your dinghy air valves.

Breakdown cruise.  It never rains, but it pours.

Sayings to sail by.  Sailing aphorizms and other sayings.

Splicing double braided rope. A much easier way to splice an thimble on double braided rope

Talking ropes.  A short history of ropes for boats..

Capt’ Roger. A children’s humorous boating story, based on a real shakedown trip.

Wind generator.Servicing a KISS wind generator.

Articles by Roger appear regularly in these boating magazines, about improvements to Britannia and other nautical matters

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