I have been an active member of the Cruisers Forum for many years with over 1300 posts, mainly with advice to queries from members. My nicknamer was Jolly Roger.
Some of these questions were covered in great detail in articles published in the many boating magazines that I write for, and on this website. It therefore seemed logical to refer a link to the appropriate article in my response to CF questioners.
Adelie, a moderator on the CF forum, has taken a contrary view, accusing me of “promoting” my website and the magazines which published the stories. I have now been summarily banned for four months, without any discussion or appeal.
The moderator must be under the impression that I receive money through these referrals, as some do through blogs, or advertisements on their sites.  In my case this is totally false. Some 60 articles are available on this site, free of charge, and I receive no payment from any magazines, other than a onetime payment for the stories themselves. The moderator has also taken no account of the many “thanks” which have been posted by grateful members.
I have therefore resigned from the Cruising Forum for good, and this is the only way I can announce it to members, many of whom also read my website.
To them I would say that I have enjoyed corresponding with them all, and wish them the best of luck on the forum, and their boating activities.
Beware the moderator, “The lady doth protest to much, methinks.”
March 9, 2023